Pike County dropped from late winter deer hunt; deer-vehicle accident rates at center of debate

There are number crunchers, then there are those who get crunched by numbers. I happen to be the latter, but when DNR released the list of counties that will  be open for the 2016-17 late winter deer season, I pulled out my calculator. As you know, DNR relies on deer-vehicle accident data from the Illinois Department of Transportation to determine which counties require the special hunt to thin the deer herd. This process is controversial and has been called into question.
Fortunately for me – and you – Kevin Chapman, president of the Illinois Whitetail Alliance, is a number cruncher. Chapman dove deep into the figures and posted an amazing compilation on the IWA’s Facebook page. See it at https://www.facebook.com/illinoiswhitetailalliance/
Chapman posted the complete history of all 102 Illinois counties.  Included for each county is a graph showing the deer-vehicle accident history back to 1994, along with harvest data for the same period.  

If you haven’t heard, Pike County was dropped from the late winter hunt this year – something many hunters feel should have happened years ago. 

Do yourself a favor and click over to see Chapman’s work.

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