A sporting dog paradise amid fellow hunters and huntresses

The sheer number of dogs that work their way through Game Fair each year is incredible. Even though Labs are by far the most popular, there are plenty of other dogs to see and things to do at this event, which has been happening in Anoka since 1982.

Usually I spend the entire six days of the Game Fair giving seminars and wandering the grounds watching dogs commiserate and exchange pleasantries. This year, I couldn’t attend the first weekend, so I eagerly anticipated the final three days.

And I was not disappointed.

Game Fair, which has been happening in Anoka since 1982, is unlike any other event I’ve attended. The focus of the whole six-day Fair is dogs, and more specifically, sporting dogs. Hunting dogs rule the grounds and the sheer amount of pups that sniff their way through each year is incredible.

Predictably, an awful lot of those dogs are Labs, but there are still plenty of other breeds represented, which is one of the reasons it’s so cool. One of the other reasons I really enjoy Game Fair is that it makes me feel pretty good about hunters. We are under constant assault from the anti’s, and often find ourselves pitted against one another over varying hunting methods, but there is no feeling of divisiveness at Game Fair.

The constant flow of attendees and their sporting dogs provides a nice glimpse into a world where hunting is not only accepted, it’s a way of life. Better than that, however, is the reality that we’re all tied together at the Fair by our dogs and how they perform afield, and of course, at home.

If you’ve never attended because you don’t duck hunt, or maybe you only spend a weekend or two chasing pheasants each year, you’re missing out. In fact, just about anyone who loves working dogs will love Game Fair. We’ll see you and your dog back out there August 11-13 and August 18-20, 2017.

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