We fish southern Wisconsin’s Geneva Lake and learn about WeFishASA

One can learn a lot from a person while fishing in the same boat. Dave Kranz, owner of Dave’s Bait and Tackle, and I spent a Thursday morning pre-fishing for a tournament on Geneva Lake. He graciously extended the invitation to me knowing I was itching to learn more about hooking big bass on Geneva, even though I wasn’t fishing in that weekend’s tournament. Kranz is an educator about the outdoors and wasn’t afraid to give me a few of his tips for fishing Geneva.

We caught our limit of bass over the legal limit within the first two hours. We fished topwater baits over good green weeds that were still producing oxygen. I lost a few fish early in the day. “You’re setting the hook too hard with these topwater baits. Make sure you let the rod load then sweep set them and take ’em in easy,” said Kranz. Thankfully, I landed a few after that helpful tip.

Later that morning, the temperature started to rise and the topwater bite slowed down. We switched to a Texas-rigged worm and fished it in 6 to 12 feet of water. The bass became active again. They were not as big as the 3-pounders we caught earlier that day but we knew they were down there. If only we had more time we probably would have hooked some of the bigger ones. After all, I had to get to work and Kranz had more things to do that day. You can fit a lot into a day when waking up at 4 a.m., which I don’t like to do very often. Only if there is fishing, or shooting some kind of tasty animal is involved.

Kranz not only spends his time fishing various tournament circuits, but is also serving his second year of a five-year term as a trustee with the McHenry County Conservation District, a nationally recognized organization for conservation excellence in Illinois. Currently Dave sits on the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) retail show committee, which is now owned by NMMA. His whole life revolves around his passion for the industry. Kranz is a proud member of Keep America Fishing. You should know what this group is if you are an avid angler, or into conservation for that matter. It doesn’t cost anything to become a member. Keep America Fishing ensures that conservation and fisheries management are top priorities in the halls of Congress and beyond.

It allows anglers to influence policy in your home state and across the country.

Needing yet another outlet for his passion for the outdoors, a podcast was born. Steve Sarley and Kranz created Podcast WeFishASA. The podcast provides entertainment and educational information through interviews with outstanding guests. WeFishASA will help people become proficient at fishing, while introducing new people to the sport. Kranz and Sarley hope to inspire every fisherman to become Keep America Fishing members and encourage every level of the industry – manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, media and rep groups – to become active members of the ASA, all with a common goal to be the finest advocates for clean, open and accessible waters for generations to come.

Now I know where to find the bass on Geneva and I am a new member of Keep America Fishing. All in a day’s work. Thanks to my friend, Dave Kranz.


www. WeFishASA.com   www.asafishing.org   www.keepamericafishing.org


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