Kristen Monroe

Trolling tips for Green Bay walleyes [video]

Jarod Higginbotham, of Yakima Baits, shares some trolling tips for walleyes on Day 2 of a Green Bay fishing trip. Action on Day 2 was steady because of some of the changes Higginbotham made on the trolling rigs. We caught a few catfish, walleyes and sheepshead throughout the day. Then suddenly, during our last 10 minutes of fishing, we boated…

Larry Whiteley of Bass Pro Shops talks about Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife Museum [video]

Wisconsin Outdoor News’ Kristen Monroe interviews the voice of Bass Pro Shops, Larry Whiteley, about Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife Museum. Wonders of Wildlife Museum celebrates people who fish, hunt and act as stewards to the land and water.