Be careful when parking vehicles, ATVs in the woods this fall

Even during the heat of summer, some grasses begin to die back and dry up, making them a fire hazard.

Fall field fires are not directly connected to the recent warm summer, although summer temperatures can dry out vegetation quite quickly.   Ample precipitation in many areas has kept vegetation fairly lush, but annual plants die and when they do, they dry out.

Each autumn state and local agencies warn about fires, some of which originate from vehicles, trucks and utility vehicles in particular, driving though tall vegetation and parking where the exhaust systems are in contact with tinder. 

ATVs and UTVs are just as dangerous, even more so in some cases, because they have shorter exhaust systems, often not as well protected, and are driven though more remove locations were vegetation is taller, drier and more easily ignited.

Take heed, hunters, campers, anglers and listen to the warnings.  Park in safer locations.  Don’t leave the vehicle immediately after arriving at a destination.  Carry a fire extinguisher and extra water. 

Smoking, matches, campfires and battery-operated devices should be watched.  Remember the hover boards of late? 

Plastic coverings, even those lined with backing sometimes are no match for a hot manifold.  Plastic melts, drips and the result is burning plastic not that far from a fuel tank, battery and someone’s life.

If a parking area is extremely dry, consider watering it down and parking over the wetness before leaving the location.

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