Pay attention to new striper fishing regs in Ohio waters

Anglers planning to pursue striped bass, white bass and hybrid-striped bass are reminded to check the 2016-2017 Ohio Fishing regulations before dropping their line in the water. For all Ohio waters, except Lake Erie and areas immediately upstream in its tributaries as specified in the regulations book, the bag limit is 30 fish per day, with no more than four of those fish being larger than 15 inches, according to the Ohio DNR.

White bass and hybrid-striped bass congregate in large schools throughout the year and can easily be caught in larger numbers, making them vulnerable to overharvest. At small sizes, these three species are difficult to tell apart so the same regulations have been set to protect all of them, said Rich Carter, the Division of Wildlife’s fisheries administrator.

These inland regulations were implemented to distribute the harvest by limiting the number of fish, especially larger fish, that an angler can harvest in a day, while still providing an opportunity to keep some large fish. This should help ensure that white bass populations continue to provide quality fisheries into the future and help hybrid-striped bass reach larger sizes often sought by anglers. This change also makes inland regulations consistent with Ohio River regulations.

White bass are a popular sport fish that can be caught in large numbers, especially during the spring when they migrate into tributaries of larger water bodies to spawn. These fish are typically 10 to 14 inches long and usually weigh about 1 pound, but can grow to 21 inches and reach a weight of 4 pounds.

Striped bass were previously stocked into Seneca and Kiser reservoirs to provide brood-stock for hybrid-striped bass production, and they are still available for anglers to catch.

Hybrid-striped bass are stocked into 10 reservoirs throughout Ohio, the Muskingum River and the Ohio River to provide trophy fishing opportunities. A hybrid-striped bass is a cross between a striped bass and a white bass. This sport fish is typically 12 to 22 inches long and weighs 1 to 5 pounds, but a hybrid-striped bass can reach more than 30 inches and 18 pounds.

Hybrid striped bass and stripers are fun to catch and really put up a good fight. It’s probably an underutilized species in Ohio waters.
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