State’s CPOs carry a heavy load of responsibility year-round

Most of us have had some level of interaction, whether it be directly or indirectly, with a Conservation Police Officer. Probably for the majority of us those interactions have been limited to a quick check of licenses, permits, and registrations. However, much of the public is unaware that compliance checks are only a miniscule segment on a much larger scale. For CPOs, there is no such thing as an off season. 

Captain for Region I, Laura Petreikis, was kind enough to extend to me even more insight into the job responsibilities of a CPO. Many of the following are examples where CPOs have assisted other sectors of law enforcement and/or performed duties that exceed far beyond many of our assumptions. 

I encourage you to call your State Representative and the Governor's office to let them know that you do not support any CPO cutbacks, including those of the 13 new recruits who haven't even been allowed to complete their field training. Insist that if CPO jobs are lost, it will negatively impact not just Illinois' wildlife, but public safety as well.  

Read more about CPOs in the field in the May 27 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.


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