Lake Michigan downfall?

I wish I could say that I had a superior season on Lake Michigan this year, however this would certainly be far from the truth. Dismal would be a much better word to describe this year.

We all can blame the invasive species or the low stocking numbers on this downturn and I suppose they both would be correct. Will Lake Michigan recover? Only time will tell I suppose.

The fishing has been poor in all states that border the lake and the returns of fish into the rivers has been at its lowest point in decades. I guess I should start thinking about rethinking my choices in fishing gear and start selling equipment when I can get a good price.  

The saving grace is that the trout population appears to be quite healthy with good brown trout and lake trout fishing and the coming months will certainly show us just how well this fishery is sustaining. November lake trout is just around the corner and we shall see how this plays out.

I shouldn't jump the gun with selling my equipment, however we just do not know what the future holds for our fishing on Lake Michigan. As a God fearing man I can only look to the sky and say a little prayer hoping that some divine intervention will take place.  

Here's to hoping and praying!

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