North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report – May 8th, 2015

Hills Creek, Hammond, Hamilton lakes (Tioga County) — Panfish action was heating up, with anglers catching crappies and perch on live minnows, redworms, and crawlers on all three lakes. Water temperatures were around 50 degrees on April 22. Bass and pickerel were also starting to hit, with bass weighing up to 3 pounds and some pickerel measuring up to 20 inches. Live shiners, jerkbaits, jigs and plastic crawlers were all productive.

Hamilton, Beechwood, and Lyman Run lakes (Tioga County) — Nice turnouts were reported on opening day, with trout hitting pastebaits in yellow, chartreuse and rainbow colors, butterworms, and live minnows taking trout. Garlic-scented baits are also were working, as were gold or silver spoons and spinners. Fly-anglers were catching trout on streamers and wet fly patterns.

Asaph, Stonyfork, Marsh creeks, and Upper Pine Creek  (Tioga County) — Trout were hitting garlic- and shrimp-flavored salmon eggs, wax worms, butterworms, and meal worms.  Anglers targeting native brook trout on small streams and tribs to Pine Creek were doing well with redworms.

Pine Creek (Lycoming County) — Trout were taking nymphs, artificials, and crawlers and minnows in recent weeks. 

Muncy Creek (Lycoming County) — Trout were hitting spinners, red worms and salmon eggs in recent weeks.

Potato Creek (McKean County) — Opening day anglers were catching trout on redworms, meal worms and spinners.

Little Sandy Creek (Jefferson County) — Brook and brown trout were hitting wax worms and meal worms in the deeper holes.

Sandy Lick Creek, Redbank Creek (Jefferson County) — Minnows were taking trout in the riffles.  

Coldstream Creek (Centre County) — Trout were hitting red worms and meal worms. Salmon eggs also were working.

Six Mile Run (Centre County) — Opening day anglers caught nice trout on worms and small spinners.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Yellow Perch were hitting on minnows at the spillway.

Marsh Creek (Clinton County) — Trout were hitting on sucker spawn, salmon eggs, redworms, and live minnows in recent weeks.

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