Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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North Central Pennsylvania Fishing Report – February 13th, 2015

Spring Creek (Centre County) — As of Jan. 31, water was low and clear and in the 40s in this limestone stream. Nymphing was the best bet. Midges (22-26) were hatching in the afternoons.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Crappies and yellow perch in mixed sizes were hitting in the early morning and late afternoon-to-dusk hours. A minnow on a small treble hook, suspended 2 feet off the bottom with a slip bobber was the ticket for some anglers. 

Hills Creek Lake (Tioga County) — Through the end of January, nice numbers of bass, pickerel and yellow perch were hitting tip-ups with medium shiners or fatheads, with the pickerel running up to 25 inches, and one bass reportedly 4 pounds. The shallow water near the stumps was productive. Crappies also were reported on waxworms, maggots and mousies. 

Hamilton Lake (Tioga County) — Ice anglers were targeting panfish on small jigs in various colors tipped with wax worms or mousies. Bass and chain pickerel were reported on medium and large shiners in the shallow water along the boat launch. Trout up to 14 inches also were being caught in the shallows on jigs in various colors tipped with wax worms or mousies. A few trout were reported on tip-ups and fathead minnows, rosey reds and doughbait.

Hammond Lake (Tioga County) — A slow bite was reported by the few anglers fishing this lake through late January. Just a few crappies on waxworms and fathead minnows were reported by anglers targeting artificial structures and brush piles in 10 to 25 feet. 

Beechwood Lake (Tioga County)  — Anglers were icing trout on waxworms and doughbaits with mixed success.  Nice numbers of small yellow perch were being caught on waxworms.  Anglers also were catching some nice crappies and bluegills on waxworms or maggots.

Cowanesque Reservoir (Tioga County) — Anglers fishing the west-end shallows and some of the coves were catching yellow perch and bluegills on waxworms, and bass on live shiners.

Little Pike Lake (Lycoming County) — Panfish were reported on maggots and waxworms.

Rose Valley Lake (Lycoming County) — Yellow perch, chain pickerel and bass were reported on wax worms and live minnows through late January.

Allegheny Reservoir (McKean County) — Northern pike, including a 35-incher, legal-size walleyes, and yellow perch were hitting on live minnows, maggots, and waxworms through late January.

Cloe Lake (Jefferson County) — Rainbow trout were reported on jigging spoons. 

Faylor Lake (Snyder County) — Bluegills and largemouth bass on waxworms were reported.

Lake Chillisquaque a/k/a Montour Preserve (Snyder County) — Crappies and bluegills were reported on waxworms and maggots. 

Walker Lake (Snyder County) — Amid light fishing pressure, anglers were catching yellow perch on waxworms. 


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