How to Make a Rolled Roast Using Venison or Elk Meat

1. Butterfly meat that is thicker than 1 inch by cutting into two thinner pieces; leave the meat connected at one edge. Open up the butterflied meat so it lies flat. Roll the meat tightly with the grain, tucking in any irregular edges.
2. Tie the rolled meat about an inch from the end that is farthest from you; use a 60-inch length of kitchen string. Leave several inches at the short end of the string; you will need to tie the two ends of the string together after making loops around the meat.
3. Make a loop in the string, then twist the loop once to make a small “braid.” Slip the braided loop over the end of the meat closest to you, then slide the loop so it is about 1 inch from the string tied around the far end.
4. Snug up this first loop by pulling on the long end of the string, adjusting its length so the braid lines up with the original knot. The roast will look more attractive when it is served if all the braids are lined up along the top of the roast.
5. Continue making loops about an inch apart, snugging them up as you go. Tie on additional string if necessary. When you have made a loop about an inch from the close end, slip the string underneath the roast so it comes out on the far side.
6. Tie the two ends of the string together with a double overhand knot. Trim both ends of the string close to the knot. When you are ready to carve a cooked rolled roast, simply snip the loops along the top of the roast and pull off the string.


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