Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report – September 6th, 2013


In Marinette County, anglers fishing out of the Peshtigo Harbor were mainly fishing for bass, with a few fish being caught in and around the mouth of the river on plastics or live bait. Fishing at the dam in Peshtigo was also slow for the panfish angler. Boaters out of Little River are catching perch adjacent to weed beds early in the morning on minnows. Some panfish, bass, sheepshead, and walleyes are being caught on the Menominee River by shore anglers and boaters. Rapalas and plastics being trolled or live bait fished via deadstick are the most common methods.
In Oconto County at Geano Beach, fishing activity was slow during the week and seemed to pick up a little by the weekend. Anglers were looking for walleyes, but were having little luck. They used crawler harnesses in about 15 to 20 feet of water and released all walleyes. A few sheepshead and a catfish were caught.
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Heat and rains have brought water levels up in temperature and inches the past few days. Surface temps are ranging in the mid to upper 70s on many lakes due to the unseasonably warm weather. Largemouth bass action is very good. Topwater action is hot. Evenings are the best, but warm early mornings are producing big bass up to 5 pounds – there was little need for finesse this week. Muskie action is very good. Topwater action is good even on cloudy days. Warm water has muskies chasing fast-moving bucktails, plastic and crankbaits. Bluegill action is very good for big fish around drowned wood and cribs in 8 to 12 feet of water. Walleye action is good. While most of the better action is on deep rocks with crawlers or big leeches, “eater” action is coming from weeds in 8 to 12 feet on cloudy days. The night bite is good  on tops of rock bars using big leeches and lighted slip-bobbers. Smallmouth bass action is good, and improving with the heat. Fish rock/gravel humps.
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Fall is on the way, whether we want it or not. Weeds have started dying in the shallower water. Walleye fishing is OK right now, with some nice fishing back in the weeds. The numbers have been OK on the Eagle River chain, but we haven’t seen many big ones for the last week or so. On the larger lakes, the fishing has been better in the evenings and at night than during the daytime. Bass have been good, with largemouths leading the way. Fish for these guys in the slop with plastics, but surface baits in the evenings have been good also. Smallies have been all over the place as far as location, with some reports of good surface bait action right on the shorelines on some lakes. We also have reports of fish in 20 feet of water on leeches. Muskie action has been very good throughout the area – daytime and nighttime. During the day, stay near weeds, but look for the deeper weeds or weeds adjacent to deep water. Large bucktails have been the most productive.
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Muskie action is finally showing a bit of stability, but early and late hours still offer the best odds. Work weeds, weedlines, and bar edges, shallow and deep, with bucktails, Bull Dawgs and other soft plastics, topwaters, jerkbaits, gliders, and crankbaits. Walleyes are scattered and best success continues to be early morning, late evening, and after dark. Look at deeper water (to 30 feet; much shallower during prime time) weeds, weedlines, sand, gravel, brush, bogs, bars, and rock. Leeches, crawlers, and minnows lead the list, but crankbaits are also catching fish. Northern pike action is erratic (heat?). As always think weeds, structure, or baitfish, but in water a bit deeper than usual. Largemouth fishing is very good, but the bass are in thick, heavy cover and it can be frustrating. Target shallow water lily pads, weeds, wood, slop, and bog edges, looking for openings where you can drop a bait. Smallie anglers are enjoying good success on deeper, hard bottomed areas (rock, gravel), along weedlines, brush and other structure in or bordering deep water. You can catch the smallies on crankbaits, soft plastics, and crankbaits. Crappie action is good when you find the scattered fish. Look for them suspending over deeper water, and on deeper weeds, weedlines, brush, bogs, cribs, and other structure. The most effective baits include minnows, fatheads, waxies, plastics, tube jigs, and Gulp! baits.
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River fishing on the Chippewa River is spotty. Some anglers were doing well on smallmouths with spinnerbaits and surface lures. Walleyes were a little more tight-lipped and require a slow presentation in the early morning or late evening due to low, warm water. Live bait seems to be doing the trick better than artificial for the walleyes.
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With the hot and humid weather, fishing activity was also considered pretty hot. Largemouth and smallmouth bass were the highlight of the week, with most area waters providing some great action. For the smallmouth, quite a few fish were found near structure on hard-bottomed areas that were also close to deeper water. Some nicer fish in the 17- to 19- inch have been caught. Largemouths have been favoring the woody cover, the deep weed lines, and bog edges. Muskie activity also continued to be good. Fish have been very active the last few weeks and most anglers have reported plenty of action on bucktails, glide baits and topwater baits. Most of the fish have been found along the weed edges and in the less-dense weed beds. Most of the fish have been in the 28- to 38-inch size. Walleye fishing continues to be sporadic, with some fair reports of success. The best catches have come from deep-water structure such as cribs and gravel humps, with leeches and crawlers being the favored baits. Panfish action has been fair.
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