Man cited for attempted sale of white-tailed deer fawns

Princeton, Minn. — A DNR conservation officer says a citation was mailed earlier this week to Bruce A. Finneman, 44, of Zimmerman for attempting to sell two whitetail fawns via Craigslist.

COs believe they’ve made a good case.

“Basically, he was selling them for $50 apiece,” said CO Angela Londgren, who works in the Princeton area. She said there were two fawns available in the advertisement.

But Finneman could’ve possessed the two deer legally, she said. Here’s why, according to Londgren.

The subject obtained a road-kill permit for a doe, an animal that hadn’t get given birth to the fawns.

“(The subject) took the fawns out of the doe, and tried to sell the fawns,” Londgren said.

She said DNR Enforcement was alerted to the Craigslist ad by at least three different parties. Londgren and two other COs investigated the tips, checked to see if Finneman may be involved in any other possible illegal activities (he was not), then decided to issue him a misdemeanor citation for unlawfully attempting to sell wild game.

Because of that, she said that if Finneman is found or pleads guilty, a Sherburne County judge would set the fine.

The citation could’ve been avoided, Londgren said, had Finneman gotten permits for the dead fawns, and not attempted to sell them.

Earlier this week, the ad for the dead fawns had been removed from Craigslist. However, two advertisements offered taxidermy-mounted fawns for sale in the Twin Cities metro area. One was available for $600; another was enclosed in glass and the seller was asking for $550.

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