Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – June 7th, 2013

Lake Snowden (Athens County) – Largemouth bass should be moving off of spawning beds, so anglers focusing their attention offshore will begin to have success catching bass using jig ‘n pig and spinner baits.  Redears will also be on and off the beds. Popular with anglers at this 141-acre lake, these sunfish are partial to deep water and are most often caught around submerged structures. Try using lightweight spinning gear with four-to-six pound test line with red worms or wax worms.

Muskingum River (Muskingum, Morgan, and Washington Counties) – Late spring and early summer can be great times to fish for crappies in a stream. Don’t let the current deter you; just learn how to use it to your advantage for a successful trip.  Crappies will find shelter from the faster water while keeping a position where they can easily feed.  Look for any current breaks in the water that allow a calm eddy pocket to form, such as points, riffles, rock piles, trees, brush, stumps, or docks.  Crappies will face into the current, so cast upstream and let your bait drift by giving them the best chance to see it and strike. Try fishing small jigs tipped with minnows. Spotted bass fishing is also popular this time of year. Try fishing small spinner baits, tube baits, and crayfish imitation baits. Spotted bass are the predominant black bass in this river; however smallmouth and largemouth bass can be caught as well.  Spotted bass are common in the eight- to 13-inch size range with an occasional fish up to 15 inches.

Hanging Rock Ponds (Lawrence County) – Fifty to 75 ponds of various sizes can be found on this recreation area operated by the Wayne National Forest and surveyed and stocked by the Ohio DNR Division of Wildlife. Some of the ponds can be driven to by vehicle, some by ATV (with Wayne NF Trail Permit), and some are walk-in only. Spring is a great time to catch bluegills as they gather in shallow water to spawn, which makes these ponds a great destination. During this time, bluegills become aggressive and can be fairly easy to catch.  Both the novice and experienced angler will enjoy fishing for bluegills since these fish can be caught with just about any tackle, will take a great variety of baits, are not particularly wary, and fight well for their size. Once you locate a bed, cast a piece of worm, jig, or other bait beyond the bed and slowly retrieve it through the nesting area.

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