Does Social Media open your wallet?

Kristen MonroeSearching for product information on the internet is becoming a thing of the past. News, products, opinions and events find the consumer nowadays. The buyer no longer has to search for the product, the product searches for them. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a few of the most popular social media sites.
After you “like” a business on Facebook, or follow a new entity on Twitter, the messages from businesses and their networks begin. Buyers comment on products and professionals interact with them. The messages are constantly flowing through the various feeds and automatic e-mails. Press releases are flying everywhere and data is being sent from one domain to the next. Little work is needed to find out the scoop on the latest and greatest products out there.
Are you influenced by the comments others make on social media about the products? To be honest, the internet purchases I make on Amazon are influenced in large part by the previous reviews and ratings. I often wonder about the people leaving the reviews. Perhaps some of the reviews are written from company employees. We all know not to trust the internet 100 percent, right? You can never be certain who that person is sitting behind the computer, or hiding behind that perfect profile.
On the other hand, most are real people who make true comments based on their own experience and that counts for something.  But why do we care what others think anyway?  Maybe what works for me doesn’t work for you. It is nice to be able to see the actual manufactures interact with the buyers; it feels a little more personal. I don’t recall ever making a purchase based on a Facebook feed. Marketing works in mysterious ways, maybe I have and I don’t even know it.
Southwick Associates gathers information by surveying thousands of U.S. hunters and anglers. The results are used to help sportsmen’s groups to improve hunting and fishing opportunities. The industry professionals also use the information to develop new products and enhance the services.
A recent survey given by Southwick Associates asked outdoorsmen about social media and how it affects their buying decisions. The question asked was – do posts made via social media, by industry brands, directly affect your buying decisions? According to, 19.3 percent of outdoorsmen reported social media does affect their buying decisions. reported a slightly higher number asking the same question at 24.4 percent.
If you are interested in taking a survey, please visit a Southwick site or Take the time and you could win a $100 gift card to a sporting goods retailer of your choice. Detailed results are below.

The top two results are from, and the bottom two are from

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