Gobbler-getting gear for 2013: Simply the best

One of these springs, the gobblers are just going to surrender. I can see it now: a trio of longbeards marching back to my truck, wings behind their heads, just giving up before I even put a tag on them. It’s rapidly reaching that point where it almost isn’t fair. Almost.

Every year, new products arrive on the spring gobbler-getting scene to trump those of the previous season. And it’s not like we were using lousy stuff last spring. But here we are with another lineup of turkey-taking equipment designed to tip the odds in our favor even more. Lighter. Stronger. Faster. More realistic. Just better. Here’s a look at some of the 2013 products well worth carrying into the turkey woods.

Quaker Boy

Quaker Boy has teamed with Mossy Oak Turkey Thugs to introduce an elite line of turkey-hunting calls and accessories featuring the Thug logo. The Thug glass call can really crank it up with a high-pitched sound and a waterproof striker to deal with any weather condition you encounter. A Thug Half Moon Pro Pack of mouth calls – three in all – includes Dick Kirby’s Final Mouth Call Revolution, a tribute to the late company founder.

HS Strut

HS Strut’s Drummin’ Thunder Kit offers a complete turkey-hunting package in the form of the Loco Crow Call, using Green Mountain wood in which no two calls look alive; the Drummin’ Thunder glass pan call with a Mountain Camo striker, producing raspy yelps and clucks; and the Premium Flex E-Z Rasp diaphragm call, a three-reed offering with a special rasp cut top reed that’s easy to run.


Designed to offer the kind of run-and-gun hunting options the Drury brothers like to utilize, the MAD MAX-Blind system’s frame is a basic shooting stick that allows hunters to rest their guns in the ready position. It’s an easy-to-use, lightweight blind in an X configuration that allows for superb concealment as the gobbler strolls into shotgun or bow range.

Montana Decoy

The new Papa Strut decoy is, not surprisingly, ultra-lightweight in keeping with the company’s lineup, and can be broken down quietly into two pieces linked by four strong magnets. How light is it? You’ll confuse it with your water bottle. Portable and packable in 3D full strut position.


The new Dirty B gobbler decoy is the product of several springs of testing in the field, and the Primos team discovered an injured gobbler decoy can trigger all sorts of responses in unsuspecting toms. With just a pull of a handle, the Dirty B offers an up-and-down motion, simulating an injured gobbler. Included with the decoy are a silk fan, mobile series fan holder, ground stake, pull rope and carry bag.


Benelli is offering up the Vinci – named after Leonardo da Vinci – and billing it as the fastest-shooting, lightest-recoil lightweight 12-gauge in the world. It’s hard to argue. The innovative design of the semi-automatic features a new In-Line Inertia Driven operating system. It comes in Realtree Advantage, APG, or black synthetic, with numerous options available.


Patternmaster, a leader in choke tubes for years, blends its patented wad-stripping design along with constriction in its Code Black series to produce consistent patterns and outstanding knock-down power. The Code Black models include tubes to match Mossberg, Remington, Benelli, Beretta, Winchester, and Browning shotguns, with various constrictions.


More bad news for the birds comes from Rage, which is introducing its new 2-blade and 3-blade Turkey Broadheads. These rear-deploying broadheads are designed with extra-long blades and extreme cutting diameter for massive entry holes and quick kills. Made specifically for turkey hunting, the 2-blade Turkey Broadhead has a 2.25-inch cutting diameter, and the 3-blade model a 1.75-inch cutting diameter. Both feature 1.25-inch blade edges and are easily recognizable by their green ferrule design.


Flextone’s unique Thunder Cluck ’N Purr is the perfect call to seal the deal on a stubborn longbeard, dragging him those final few, critical yards into shotgun range. The new hybrid diaphragm reed technology is designed for mid- to close-range calling, producing soft clucks and purrs that will put the tom at ease. An ergonomic mouth piece allows for consistent tones and it’s easier to use than a traditional diaphragm.


Rhino introduced the first ported turkey choke into the market in 1995 and has been a leader ever since. This year, Rhino’s Thunder Bolt series of chokes – including a Turkey Thug model – will continue the tradition of delivering incredible pattern density through its process of stripping the wad from the shot and shortening the shot stream. That sends more pellets into the gobbler’s head, while at the same time reducing recoil and muzzle jump.


Best known for its insect-repelling products, ThermaCELL this year makes its mark in another area of comfort with its heated insole foot warmers. They’re wireless, remote-controlled, rechargeable, and lightweight, and yield about five hours of warmth with each charge. The insoles remain a steady temperature inside your boots and will be a welcome feature on those cold mornings when you’re setting up on a gobbler on the roost.

Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer’s Beard Buster sight not only assists in lining up your shot, it serves as a range estimator as well. If the gobbler’s head and neck are within the circular orange ring, it’s about 30 to 35 yards and it’s go time. The orange ring is molded from optical Lexan and incorporates large compass points for trouble-free viewing and easy target acquisition. It’s fully adjustable for windage and elevation with the simple turn of a key. It will force you into good shooting position and is great for
new turkey hunters as well as seasoned veterans who need to re-focus on the fundamentals.

Knight & Hale

Knight & Hale’s top pro staffers and champion callers have teamed
up in designing a trio of diaphragm calls that comprise the Demolition Crew Pro Pack. Precision-built from custom blended materials, the pack includes the Sweeper, a 3-reed, high-volume raspy model designed by Steve Stoltz; the Terminator, Kerry Terrell’s 3.5-reed mid-rasp model;
and the Warlock, Keith Wahlig’s 3-reed call that works great for soft
calling in close.

Zink Calls

Zink’s new Avian-X LCD Strutter Decoy maintains the tradition of incredible realism, but this time with a gobbler decoy that’s 15 percent smaller than a “real” turkey. That poises the deke as a subdominant tom and will make longbeards more likely to move in to literally kick some tail. Lightweight, easy to pack, and made of Dura-Rubber, the strutter includes a collapsible stake, carry bag and Turkey Time DVD.


Browning’s new Maxus Realtree Max-4 is a 12-gauge turkey-taking autoloader that holds 31⁄2-inch shells and cycles a wide range of loads with its Power Drive Gas System that reduces recoil. Its Vector Pro lengthened forcing cone delivers tight patterns for downing tough toms, and it comes with a red fiber optic sight and Realtree Max-4 camo finish.


The new Arsenal from Huntworth is part of its Sensor Series hunting glove line-up. Lightweight and rugged, the Arsenal is constructed with bird’s-eye mesh on the back of the hand and a durable triple layer palm. The back of the glove is water resistant, and the palm is windproof, breathable and water resistant, enabling the glove to easily shed moisture and light snow. A silicone print on the palm provides a sure grip on your firearm no matter what the weather. The index finger and thumb on these gloves feature touch tips, making it possible to use your touchscreen device without the hassle of removing the gloves.

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