Bluegills, white bass ‘springing to action’

Cory Yarmuth“Ice Out” means that the big bluegills will be hungry and looking for an easy meal. The shallows are going to hold some big bull “gills” and it is time to start to target the new weed growth areas for some of these hard fighters.

Also, the rivers are flowing good and the white bass are starting to feed heavily.  It's time to get out the waders and the light tackle to search for some great eating and fighting fish.  In the mix of these whites you will also find the crappies and bluegills that are willing to take your offerings.

The shallow bays of the local lakes are also home to the spawning pike and this is a great time to hook into a trophy fish. 

Spring is just packed full of great fishing opportunities and I will be covering several of the species and tactics in which to employ to catch these fish.  Look for upcoming columns on spring fishing and the techniques to help you catch more fish.

See you on the water!

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