Finally: Ice is getting closer at the top of the state

Cory YarmuthHere in the north part of Illinois, you can feel that ice is near.  For ice anglers, that means our reels are re-spooled, jigs organized by size, shape and color — and our batteries for our flashers are charged.

What am I forgetting? Oh yea, my clothing.  It's time to prepare our cold weather gear for another season out on the ice.

It's time to start thinking about how we should dress properly for the ice and cold weather.  Now is a good time to make sure that we have all the necessary gear to keep our head, hands, feet and body warm for those long cold days on the ice.

There is nothing worse than getting cold when you are trying to enjoy some time out on the frozen tundra of the local lakes and ponds.   With some preparation and proper dressing you can prevent yourself from having a good time turn bad because your body is cold from the weather.

Layering is the key to staying warm and with today's new technology in base layers and outwear there is no reason that you should get cold.

I start with a good polypropylene base layer and finish off with a well designed Ice Armor suit.  If done properly your layers will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable out on the ice.

Watch for my upcoming discussion on how to properly dress for the weather.  How to dress properly is often overlooked and I hope that I can offer some great basics for everyone to become better prepared for the cold weather.

Good luck and stay safe! No fish is worth falling through the ice.

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