Fall arrival means prime time for smallies

This is my favorite time of year because it means deer hunting, bird hunting and big fish!  My target species on inland lakes and rivers will be the smallmouth bass.  This bronze warrior puts on an aerial show as well as a fight that pound for pound beats most other fish out there.

With the shortening days and cooler weather, these fish really start to feed heavily and they can be targeted in many ways, but I would have to say my favorite way is live bait rigging.  It is a simple method, however it is extremely effective.  A simple weight and a light line leader with a minnow or even small forage fish lip hooked cannot be beat. 

I'll talk a bit more about live bait rigging in a future piece in Illinois Outdoor News.  For now, get your gear ready and save some time this fall to chase the bronze back warriors of the water.
I hope to see you out there!

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