The basic skill we don’t respect: boat control

Terry TumaBoat control is a major factor when fishing for any species of fish. It’s an important element for success on any body of water. If you can’t maneuver your machine in order to put the bait or lures exactly where the fish are at, you’re wasting your time.

We often think fish will travel that distance, but they will not. You and your boat have to put it into their strike zone.

Understand your own boat, and get to know the nuances of your watercraft in all conditions. How does it behave when you're trying to back-troll, cast, or when you're anchoring or using a drift sock? Does it allow us to cast, jig, or troll so that we can present lures where the fish are located?

Say you’re jigging or live-bait rigging. Watch that depthfinder and coordinate exactly where the fish are. It’s more than just moving a boat from Point A to Point B.

In past few years of watching walleye fishermen, I’ve observed that it’s been increasingly important that anglers watch their depthfinder, mark fish, and target bait and lures, ensuring pinpoint accuracy.

Build experience with your boat. How does it handle in wind? Can you operate a tiller vs. steering wheel. You need to be on target when fishing.

Too often without knowing our watercraft, it’s just a haphazard, random style of fishing, and that’s just not productive.

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