Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Idaho's Upper Snake Region Fishing Report August 3, 2012

This report highlights a few of the best places to fish, what anglers are using and what they are catching. The information is compiled from regional Fish and Game fishery managers, local tackle shops and anglers.

South Fork Snake River – Fishing has been great across the Upper Snake Region.   South Fork Snake River dry fly fishing has been good; anglers are using golden stonefly patterns, yellow sallies, and PMDs.  Angler using hardware such as diving crank-baits and spinners are also doing well.   With irrigation season in full swing the river is running high still but fishing in side channels has been productive.

Henrys Lake – Warm weather has caused slower fishing at Henrys Lake but there are abundant trout in Island Park Reservoir where the water is deeper and cooler.   The reservoir is a great alternative for still water anglers in the Island Park area.

Henrys Fork Snake River – Like Henrys Lake, portions of the Henrys Fork are warming as a result of high temperatures and fishing is slowing down, particularly around the St. Anthony area.   However, the upper river continues to fish well!   Remember to check the regulations before you go.

Teton River – The Teton River in Teton Valley is fishing great too right now!  Afternoon hatches of PMDs are attracting lots of hungry trout.  Bait anglers are also doing well.

Other Places to Try – When fishing picks up, some of the bigger rivers attract lots of anglers.   If you want to avoid potential crowds, try fishing some of the region’s smaller rivers and streams such as the Big Lost River, the Little Lost River, Medicine Lodge Creek, and Birch Creek. This is a great time of year to explore new areas. Stream fishing has been great with all types of tackle. Fish in the smaller streams tend to be easier too so grab your rod, check the map and go someplace new. If the stream is too big to step across, there is a good chance that there are some trout in it waiting to hit your fly, lure, or bait.

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