Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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New Idaho fish and game rules cover a variety of issues

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently adopted a series of "nonbiological" rules.

Some are "temporary" rules that take effect immediately but are still subject to legislative review; others are "proposed" rules that take effect only after legislative approval.

Temporary rules:

    Change the date of release to August 1, from September 1, of unsold nonresident tags for purchase by residents or nonresidents (as a second tag) at nonresident prices.

    Require validation and tagging of harvested sandhill cranes.

Proposed rules would:

    Allow commission to adjust resident and nonresident elk tag allocations in capped zones in which resident demand exceeds tag availability and nonresident tags are undersold.

    Eliminate the requirement for hunters to remove bear baits from the field between the summer dog training season and the fall harvest season in units 10 and 12.

    Require trappers in wildlife management areas to register in advance of trapping and enable regional supervisors to manage trapping better on wildlife management areas through limits on the number of trappers, type and number of traps.

    Limit the number of trappers at any given time, and to regulate the type and number of trap sets in the area.

    Require WMA Upland Game Bird permit holders to validate their permit as soon as a pheasant is taken by entering the harvest date and location in non-erasable ink and by removing a notch from the permit for each pheasant taken.

    Require that hunters leave one fully-feathered wing or the head on Eurasian collared doves while in the field or in transport to their final place of consumption.

    Allow Fish and Game sponsored waterfowl hunts to a wider range of hunters in the Hagerman Wildlife Management Area.

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