The conversion of a bass fisherman

Joe AlbertSo last Saturday marked the Minnesota bass-fishing opener. For as long as I can remember, I’ve considered that Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend the real fishing opener.

Sure, I hit the water on the walleye opener, but often as not, I’m fishing rainbow trout on Bad Medicine Lake near Park Rapids. It’s been the bass opener that’s always been the important one to me.

So you’d think I spent a bunch of time casting spinnerbaits and jigs and tubes at bass last weekend, right? Well, you’d be wrong.

In fact, I didn’t target bass at all. Not even a single cast meant for my favorite fish. Nope, instead I fished walleyes all weekend. WALLEYES!

Caught a few, too.

One of the reasons I’m so addicted to bass fishing is the hard hits in shallow water. That’s why dragging around Lindy rigs just hasn’t ever been my cup of tea. But last weekend, oh, the walleyes were smacking leeches in shallow water. And then the walleye fillets we ate? Well, those really need no explanation.

So will this rediscovered love for walleye fishing remain? Who knows. The first time I drag a Lindy rig and leech along a drop-off and fail to catch a walleye, I’ll probably revert to slinging tubes under docks.

But I’ve got to admit that there’s an opening. And I may just have to give this walleye thing a fairer shake. After all, my wife was pleased with walleye on the table. And you know what they say about a happy wife.


That’s the name of the book I just finished and published. It’s available electronically via Amazon.

The book’s a fictional tale of a conservation officer in Bemidji who’s investigating a murder that took place at a North Woods deer camp. The plan is for the book to be the first in a series. If you get the chance to read it, I’d love to know what you think.

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