Freshwater to salt water

Many of my favorite fishing trips are local in nature – when I fish with my dad on Lauderdale Lakes in southeastern Wisconsin. Recently I experienced a whole new type of fishing.  My fishing buddy (Dad) just moved to Florida and I was dying to fish his newfound waters.  My family took a trip to southwestern Florida to fish the Manasota Key and visit my dad. Instead of using rubber worms for bass like we typically do, we were fishing with live shrimp rigged with a bobber set a few feet from the top.  The fun thing about fishing in the Gulf of Mexico is that you never know what type of fish will be at the end of your line.  Between the six family members on the boat, we caught lady fish, trout, pompano, sheepshead, catfish and a yellowtail.  We didn't catch anything big, but we did see many dolphins circling our boat, and some gigantic manatees.   The memory will never be forgotten of seeing the manatees right after we docked the boat. A few of them were playing in the dock area. It was apparent why they are endangered; the big gentle creatures had scars all over their backs where boats must have hit them.  The smell of the salt water was refreshing, but my home is Wisconsin, and I look forward to fishing again with my buddy at Lauderdale.

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