DNR 'Sustainability' bill ready for Quinn's pen

Ralph LoosAfter a series of strange twist in Springfield yesterday, the "DNR Sustainability" bill nowawaits the signature of Gov. Pat Quinn. The governor is expected to sign it, but given the odd nature of the spring legislative session, who knows?

Now under the label Senate Bill 1566, the bill, which was mixed in with proposals unrelated to DNR, was moving forward on Tuesday – ahead of Thursday's session deadline.

Absent is the much-talked about state park admission fee. Where did it go? As I said, it's been a strange session.

Here's what the bill contains:

– A $2 surcharge on motor vehicle registrations of passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles, motor driven cycles and pedalcycles to support the state parks system’s operational and maintenance needs, including road and facility construction. 

– Allows DNR to charge a consultation fee to support services performed for state and local governments under the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act and Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act. 

– A fee per application for permits issued under the Rivers, Lakes, and Streams Act. 

– An Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Usage Stamp in lieu of OHV registration.

– An Illinois State Museum entrance fee.

– Fees to use a public beach, bike trail, and equestrian trail.

– An increase in fees and extend license/permit expiration dates for a falconry license, captive propagation permit, and raptor capture permit. 

– An increase in registration fees on motorized watercraft. 

– Replaces registration of canoes and kayaks with a Paddle Pass,  an annual stamp to use a “non-powered watercraft” in the state.

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