Big game raffles, auctions in Oregon gross more than $523,202

Salem, Ore. – The 2012 ODFW auction and raffles for big game hunting tags grossed $523,202, of which $308,566 will go to the Access and Habitat Program and $179,937 to big game research and management.

The auction of 11 special big game tags grossed $347,000 including $110,000 for a bighorn sheep tag. The sportsman/conservation groups that sponsored the auctions at various meetings and conventions of their organizations in the past few months will keep 10 percent of the auction proceeds ($34,700). Those groups include state and/or national chapters of the Mule Deer Foundation, Safari Club International, Wild Sheep Foundation, Oregon Bow Hunters, Rocky Mt Elk Foundation, and the Oregon Hunters Association.

Raffle winners were drawn at the Oregon Hunters Association convention on May 19, 2012 in Redmond. Nearly 64,000 raffle tickets were sold grossing $176,202, including $42,653 in sales for a bighorn sheep tag and $41,907 for elk tags.

Proceeds from the deer and elk tags will go to the Access and Habitat Program to fund wildlife habitat and hunter access improvement projects in the state. Proceeds from the pronghorn, bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat raffles and auctions fund the research and management of those species in Oregon.

Winners of the special tags enjoy an extended season and expanded hunt area. For more information on Oregon’s Auction and Raffle Big Game Tags click here.

2012 Auction proceeds, 10 percent of which goes to sponsoring organization

Bighorn Sheep
Wild Sheep Foundation
Reno, Jan. 18-21

Governor’s Statewide Deer/Elk Combination
Rocky Mt Elk Foundation, National Chapter
Las Vegas, Feb 3

Statewide Deer 
Mule Deer Foundation 
Salt Lake City, Feb. 10

Statewide Elk
Safari Club International, Santiam River Chapter 
Albany, Feb. 11

Pronghorn Antelope
Wild Sheep Foundation, Eastern Chapter
Hunt Valley, MD Feb. 16-18

Statewide Deer 
Oregon Hunters Association, Columbia Basin Chapter
Pendleton, Feb. 18

Statewide Deer
Oregon Bow Hunters
Lincoln City, Feb. 25

Statewide Elk
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Lincoln County Chapter
Newport, March 10

Statewide Elk
Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Oregon Chapter
Hillsboro, April 21

Statewide Elk
Safari Club International, SW Washington Chapter
Vancouver, WA, May 5

Statewide Deer
Oregon Hunters Association, State Chapter
Redmond, May 19

2012 Raffle Sales

Total Statewide Combination Deer and Elk raffle ticket sales: $23,863
Winner: Jamie Jackson, Klamath Falls

Total Deer raffle ticket sales: $34,896
Statewide Deer: Gerald Warnock, Portland
SE Oregon Deer: Patrick Wheeler, Hines
Central Oregon Deer: Lonnie Heisler, Springfield
NE Oregon Deer: Raymond Wurdinger, Dayton

Total Elk raffle ticket sales: $41,907
Statewide Elk: Jeffrey Hamilton, Klamath Falls
NE Oregon Elk: Marvin Duncan, Sherwood
Central-SE Elk: Michael Sheets, Redmond
Western Oregon Elk: Mike McGanty, McMinnville

Total Rocky Mountain goat raffle ticket sales: $22,269
Winner: William Garroutte, Grants Pass

Total Pronghorn antelope raffle ticket sales: $10,615
Winner: Stanley Burke, Sweet Home

Total Bighorn sheep raffle ticket sales: $42,653
Winner: Thomas Seimears, Rainier


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