Weather comes through for the Wisconsin Opener

Jim HudsonSome things just never disappoint. Be it going to your favorite restaurant for your favorite dish, flushing the first grouse of the season with your favorite dog, or spending the Wisconsin fishing opener on any body of water you pick – they just do not disappoint. And for fishing opener, it usually is not always the actual catching that does not disappoint, it’s more like the weather. And when talking weather, we would truly be disappointed if we had warm weather, and it did not rain, right? Well, 2012 certainly did not disappoint me and my friends this past Saturday and Sunday.

In typical fashion, the weather just prior to the opener was beautiful. On Thursday, the temps almost peaked into the 80s as a soft southerly wind and shining sun captivated the area. Shorts, sandals and T-shirts for everyone. Then, Friday came and the morning weather wasn’t too shabby. Come the afternoon, the refrigerator turned on and so did the wind machine, from the northeast of course. Throughout the night, the winds continued, and then it started to rain. Oh, lovely – but oh so typical. But, wait, there was hope. As we left the house to head to the landing, the rain actually quit. Two hours into the trip the sun peaked out. At about noon the wind started to die. Could it be? Was the weather going to turn around? Nah, are you kidding? That was just a laugh at us fisherman – soon after our weather-induced smiles were turned back to frowns. The wind picked back up and the temps actually started to plummet. A cold front on top of a cold front. Yup, oh so typical. But, the rain did hold off for the rest of day, so it wasn’t all too bad. But,  Sunday, now what was another story. Very typical. Rain, wind and cold. The typical ingredients to a successful opener.

And as I sit here and type, watching all the rain gear and warm weather gear dry out from the many hours we persevered through nature's little game of weather, as we always do, I cannot complain about the fishing and the catching. It was great. It’s the only reason any sane angler would continue with this fishing tradition called opener.

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