Remove Bird Feeders to Avoid Tempting Bears

WAITSFIELD, VT – The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says it is receiving reports of black bears emerging from their winter dens and looking for food. As a result, the department is urging people to take down their bird feeders to prevent the bears from getting into trouble.

"We are receiving reports of bears getting into bird feeders," said Fish and Wildlife’s Col. David LeCours. "People can help now by removing any food sources that may tempt the bears. That includes taking down bird feeders and not feeding birds until December 1."

“Also, don't leave pet food outside, wash down your barbecues after using them, and secure your garbage containers,” he added. “And above all, never purposely leave food out for bears. Feeding bears may seem kind, but it is almost a sure death sentence for them."

"Help keep bears wild," said LeCours. "We care about these bears as much as anyone. Having to destroy one that has become a threat to human safety is not a pleasant experience, and we know that moving them to another location doesn't change their behavior. They continue to seek food near people because they have learned that it works."

Vermont law prohibits a person from killing a bear that has been attracted to any artificial bait or food such as bird seed. The fine for doing so can be as high as $1,000.

Bears often eat seeds in the wild, so a birdfeeder chock full of high-energy seed is a concentrated source of what a bear considers natural food. And they are smart. Once bears learn to obtain food around people’s homes, they will be back for more.

To learn about black bears, go to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's website and look in the Library section for the Black Bear Factsheet.

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