Adopting the Right to Carry Part One

I have always supported the right to carry a concealed weapon, but the thought of myself obtaining a permit? Really, why would I? The idea had never really crossed my mind until recently. I hope others who are considering strapping a deadly weapon onto their body are educated, trained, and prepared to make a lethal shot in a life-threatening situation. There is so much to learn about the use of deadly force and the new Wisconsin law. I am just getting started.

There were two recent events that triggered my interest in carrying and concealed firearm – the comfort I found when I was with my friends who were carrying concealed firearms, and a recent terrifying unsolved mystery near my home in southern Wisconsin. In February, I attended the National Wild turkey Convention in Nashville, Tenn. I went out to dinner with a few fellow female columnists for a website called Women Outdoor News every night after the show ended. When you press the “food” button on the Garmin, you can never be certain where you will end up in an unfamiliar town. It was reassuring to know that a few of the ladies who were with me were packing heat, but, most importantly, they are highly skilled shooters. I felt safe with them no matter where we went, or who confronted us.

In January, a Wisconsin man was sitting in chair while hunting deer not far from my hunting area. The man heard a noise behind him which he thought was a deer, only to find out it was a man holding a handgun at him. That man, who has never been located, took a shot at the hunter. No one knows why, or what evoked the situation. Luckily no one was hurt, but the mystery remains unsolved. Was this an anti-hunter trying to take out a hunter? What if he finds me alone in the woods? I am pretty comfortable shooting my bow, if needed, but a bullet certainly flies faster.

I contacted Barb Baird, the publisher and editor of the Women Outdoor News website, for some advice about carrying concealed weapons. Besides being extremely educated in the shooting industry, she is also an NRA instructor and is prepared to shoot at any given moment. She enlightened me on the topic and I pray that others will read this before they decide to carry. Baird said, “First of all: Mindset. It is important to be able to understand that if you carry concealed, you have to be prepared to follow through with a lethal act – in order to protect yourself or your family and friends. If you’re not comfortable shooting for center of mass at a tombstone target, forget it.”

Not all of my friends agree with what I am doing. In fact, my best friend and I even had a slight argument about it. I tried to explain my feelings about it and was not getting very far, so we left it at that. Criminals will always carry guns at any given time. Who knows when a bad guy will pull a gun at a bank, restaurant or store? Remember when the crazy flash mob broke out at the Wisconsin State Fair last year? Trouble can break out when you least expect it, and police cannot protect us all of the time. We should all be able to defend our family members. I will be writing more on this subject in print for the Wisconsin Outdoor News newspaper and following up with more blogs here on the Wisconsin Outdoor News website. I am taking this situation very seriously and will learn all I can on the subject before I actually follow through with it.

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