Chicago lakefront is the place to be right now for cohos and browns

The cohos and browns are on fire right now from the shores of Lake Michigan.  Anglers are pulling in limits in less than two hours, according to reports I have been getting this week. 

Fish are being caught on crankbaits, spoons, and live bait.  All you need is your standard spinning gear and a handful of baits and you can tie into these acrobatic silver fish. You will see others out there powerlining or just floating minnows or worms under a float.

Powerlining is a process of sending a heavy weight attached to a long rubber band as far out from shore as you can. This is typically done with CO2 fire extinguishers rigged to shoot the weight out into the lake. The rubber band is attached to a reel with some line on it.  When the weight lands, you reel up the line until the rubber band stretches up to shore. From there, you attach your main fishing line to the rubber band and slowly let line out.  Every 5 to 10 feet you have loops in your line in which you tie on a snelled hook baited with a worm, shrimp, or minnow. As you let these out you tie on a float every 10 yards or so to keep the baits up off the bottom.  By the time you get the line out, you have offered up about a dozen separate hooks to increase your odds of hooking into a fish or two.  the end of the line is attached to a bell and when the bell rings you start to hand-over-hand the line in and net your fish. 

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