Thoughts on color and style of ice jigs

We've talked about color a lot in the past, but ice jig color came up a lot at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show last month. In general, color and style of jigs is a frequent topic at seminars, and my standard response (and belief) is that all colors will work under certain conditions.

I address this fact of fishing by having several rods pre-rigged with multiple colors. Switch things up often, and work with a partner who's doing the same to find the day's most productive hue.

Don't get too bogged down in color, and try to be open-minded about it. In general, use lighter, richer colors on bright days, and darker ones on cloudy, overcast days. That sounds counterintuitive, but dark-colored lures provide a starker shadow or contrast that fish can see better under water. I don't hear a lot of comments about black ice jigs, but they catch fish.

Just as with open-water fishing, the jig ultimately is a tool to deliver your live bait. the color of that jig usually is less important than the quality of your live bait.

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