Wild Game Dinner Parties

Every holiday season, my wife and I host a party we call
“Pheasant Feast.” In fact, last month we hosted Pheasant Feast IX .
. . Yes, we’re now using Roman Numerals in our invitations.
Nevertheless, this has become an annual tradition and a lot of fun
for our friends and family. I’ve even enlisted my hunting buddy
Matt Kucharski as co-chef for the event. This year, we were joined
by two dozen guests for a night of taste-testing comprised
exclusively of wild game.

The 2011 Pheasant Feast menu included:

Peking Pheasant

Pheasant a l’Orange

Poached Blueberry Ruffed Grouse

Roast Moose with Coffee Gravy

Pheasant Tortellini with Brussels sprouts

Minnesota Wild Rice Soup

Duck Rumaki

Jalapeno Pheasant Poppers

Tenderloin of Venison

7-Up Northern Pike

Pheasant Pesto Pizza

Desserts, Beer & Vino

As you can imagine, some of these dishes turned out better than
others when more than ten preparations are on the grill, stovetop
and oven. The low spot of this roster was certainly the 7-Up
Northern Pike . . . I won’t be reproducing that funky fish anytime
soon. However, I plan to do my best to replicate Matt’s Peking
Pheasant recipe this weekend. All in all, leftovers were
non-existent which I consider a good indication of success.

As I reflect on this menu, I naturally think about the
camaraderie of a day spent afield with friends and family pheasant
hunting. However, what Pheasant Feast also reminds me of is the
power wild game has of bringing family and friends together around
the table. For me, the meal is almost, almost as important as the
hunt and also nearly as fun.

What about you, have you ever hosted a wild game dinner

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Pheasants
Forever’s Vice President of Marketing. Follow Bob on Twitter.

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