Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Illinois hunters asked to report feral pigs

Well, well, well. I can hear the DNR phones ringing already. If
they thought a rash of cougar sightings created literal buzz on
their office phone lines, wait until the public gets wind of

The pigs have apparently come home to roost.

That may be a poor and misguided analogy, but what I’m trying to
say is this: those who doubted the existence of feral hogs in
Illinois are getting pushback from DNR and the Department of
Agriculture. The two state agencies, along with the USDA, are
asking Illinois hunters to help track feral swine and “assist in
slowing the population and expanding range of the invasive animals
in the state.”

A news release sent out today by DNR states, “Feral swine –
often referred to as feral hogs and wild pigs – are defined as
free-ranging animals that are not under domestic livestock
confinement. They are an invasive species competing with native
wildlife for food resources and damaging soil through their rooting
and feeding activities, increasing soil erosion and damaging crops,
plants and water quality. Feral swine also are known to carry at
least 30 diseases that pose serious implications for people, pets,
wildlife and livestock.”

“We are encouraging Illinois hunters – especially the thousands of
Illinois firearm deer hunters who will be in the field in coming
weeks – to be on the lookout for feral swine and report any
sightings to us,” DNR Director Marc Miller said. “The dangers of
disease, costly damage to the land, and negative impacts to
wildlife from the further spread of feral swine in Illinois are

Hunters, landowners, and others who see feral swine in Illinois are
asked to report the sightings to DNR at (217) 785-2511.


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