CO: Bighorn Management Plans Posted on Web Site

DURANGO, Colo. — Proposed management plans for two Rocky
Mountain bighorn sheep herds in southwest Colorado are now posted
on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website. Those interested are
invited to review the plans and make comments by Oct. 9.

The plans are posted at:

The two herds are: the Weminuche herd, located from approximately
Vallecito Reservoir east to Wolf Creek Pass which includes hunting
units S-15, S-16 and S-28; the San Juan herd is located in the area
from Telluride to Silverton to Lake City and includes hunting units
S-21 and S-33.

The herds in both areas are doing well and their population and
distribution have been growing steadily during the last decade. The
Weminuche herd is estimated at approximately 460 animals. The San
Juan herd is estimated at about 450.

The management plans will provide direction to wildlife biologists
for the next ten years. The plans include information on population
size, range distribution, habitat and hunting opportunities.

Comments about the plans can be submitted online via a link on the
website. All comments will be considered as biologists develop the
final plans which will be submitted to the Colorado Parks and
Wildlife Commission. The commission will review and vote on the
plans in January.

For more information about the Weminuche herd plan, call Brad
Weinmeister, terrestrial biologist in Durango at 970-375-6714; for
information about the San Juan herd call Brad Banulis, terrestrial
biologist in Montrose at 970-252-6051, or Brandon Diamond,
terrestrial biologist in Gunnison at 970-641-7071.

For more information about Division of Wildlife go to:


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