2011 Final Wisconsin Waterfowl Rule Summary

Here is a summary of this fall's Wisconsin waterfowl seasons:

Early September Canada goose season – September 1-15, with a daily bag of 5 geese.

Youth Waterfowl Hunt – September 17-18. The daily bag is the same as the regular seasons.


60 Day Season – Daily bag of 6 ducks in total. Of the 6 ducks, no more than: 4 mallards of which only 1 may be a hen, 3 wood ducks, 1 black duck, 2 redheads, 2 scaup, 2 pintail, and 1 canvasback. In addition, 5 mergansers to include not more than two hooded mergansers. (For species of duck not listed such as teal and ring-necks, the combined total with all other species may not exceed 6 ducks). Coot daily bag of 15.

*Opening day shooting hours will begin at 9am.

Northern Zone: Sept 24 – Nov 22 Southern Zone: Oct 1- 9, Oct 15- Dec 4 Mississippi River Zone: Sept 24- Oct 2; Oct 15- Dec 4

Canada Geese – Final year of 5 year Mississippi Flyway stable Canada goose season.

Exterior Zone: Daily Bag of 2. • North – Friday Sept 16 – Dec 9 • South-FridaySept16-Oct9,andOct15-Dec14

Mississippi River Subzone: Sept 24- Oct 2; Oct 15- Dec 29

Horicon Zone: • H1-Sept16-Oct30 • H2-Oct31-Dec16

Daily Bag of 2. 6 Tags per hunter. Collins Zone- Eliminated and now part of the Exterior Zone.

Light geese, brant and white-fronted geese – Light geese (Snow, Blue and Ross) and Brant: Seasons are the same as for the Canada goose zones and subzones. Daily Bag Limit: 1 brant and 20 light geese. White-fronted geese: Season is the same as for Canada geese in the Exterior zone. In the Horicon zone the season will be September 20 – December 16. Daily Bag Limit: 1 white-fronted goose.

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