Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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Iowa DNR has flood information available

If you’re at risk of being flooded and have questions about
protecting your propane tank, drinking water well, or the status of
state parks, the DNR can help.

On the DNR’s one-stop webpage for flood information, you can find
guides to protecting your private drinking water well and propane
tank safety during floods. The website also includes information on
disposing flood debris and dealing with flood impacts in
agricultural and rural areas, precautions around asbestos and other
timely information. Visit for
information that can help in flood preparation and recovery

For instance, before the flood waters reach your home or business,
there are steps you can take to protect your drinking water well
and propane tank. Any household hazardous materials, appliances and
electronics you can move out of the path of flood water will reduce
the amount of cleanup work required after the waters subside.

Guidelines for people who draw their drinking water from a private
well are also available. The website contains information on
protecting the well before the flood and steps to take if the well
is flooded to make sure it is safe.

Most important, people should avoid contact with flooded rivers.
Checking recent DNR press releases will provide updated information
on parks, campground availability and boating conditions.

The information, as well as contact information for local DNR
offices, can be found through the DNR’s home page at

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