Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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The Loneliness of the Late-Season Deer Hunter

A person either has to love archery hunting or else is in
desperate need to finish filling the freezer to brave the cold,
snow, and spooky deer typically encountered during what’s called
“the late season.”

Either that or else the archer may express concern about going
into withdrawal if he isn’t shivering atop a deer ladder

Statistics compiled by Mike Tonkovich, the Ohio Division of
Wildlife’s administrator for deer management, indicates how lonely
it can be for an archer when December and-especially-January rolls

Ohio has approximately 350,000 archery deer hunters, nearly all of
whom hang up their longbows and crossbows when the general firearms
deer-hunting season docks, Tonkovich says.

Last year for the entire four-month-long archery deer-hunting
season, participants shot 91,546 animals. Fully 82,517 of these
deer – or 90 percent – were taken prior to the start of the gun
deer season, Tonkovich says.

During last year’s state-wide muzzle-loader season just 431 deer –
or one-half of one percent of the archery season’s total – were

And from the day after the 2010 muzzle-loader season to the last
day in January, the state’s archers shot only 2,711 deer. That
figure represents just 3 percent of the bow-hunting season total,
Tonkovich also says.

As for the few days the archery season went into February last
year, desperate bowmen shot 1,144 deer, or just over one-percent of
the archery season’s total harvest, Tonkovich says.


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