Arkansas fishing report

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission fishing report for Jan.


Lake Conway: The water is clear and low. Bream are fair. Crappie
are biting well. Bass are fair. Catfishing is fair. All other
species are slow.

Harris Brake Lake: The water is clear. Crappie are biting fairly
well on minnows. Bass are fair on jigs.

Lake Valencia: Bass are fair on minnows. Trout are biting well
on redworms and Power Bait.

Sunset Lake: The water is clear and at normal level. Bream are
biting fairly. Bass are fair. Catfish and crappie are slow.

Saline River Access in Benton: The water is clear and low. Bass
are biting well. All other species are slow.

Lake Pickthorne: Crappie are fair. Bass are fair.

Clear Lake: The water is clear and at normal level. Bass are
fair on jigs fished in deep brush piles. All other species are


White River: The catch-and-release section below Bull Shoals Dam
will open Feb. 1. It also is nearing time for the shad kill.
Threadfin shad will be drawn through the turbines on the dams. The
shad are tasty morsels to the spawned out browns just below the dam
and are welcome food. Trout fishing is good on Power Bait, wax
worms and in-line spinners.

Crooked Creek: John Berry of Berry Brothers Guide Service said
Crooked Creek is slow with all the cold weather and water.

Lake Norfork: Fishing has been fair. Almost all fish had an
excellent spawn last year, including the baitfish. With all the
baitfish in Norfork the fish are growing fast. There have been a
lot of good keepers of all the species caught.     

Norfork Tailwater: Fishing on the Norfork has been spotty.

Norfork continues to get heavy pressure as it is the only
wadable water available. The most productive times have been during
the week when it is not crowded. Dry Run Creek has been fishing
well as always.


Beaver Lake: Bass have been biting best along sloping chunk rock
banks and windblown points with timber. Crappie fishing continues
to be tough, but a few keepers are coming in on warm, sunny
afternoons. Best fishing has been from Monte-Ne upstream into the
river arms.

Beaver Tailwaters: Beaver has been fishing well. The fish are in
small areas and are not spread out. Once you get into fish the
fishing is fast and furious. Closer to the dam, the best flies have
been in light colors. Downstream, darker colors are hooking up with


Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA: Judy Potts of Judy’s Bait Shoppe
at the North entrance to Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMA had no
report because of duck season and the cold weather.

Crown Lake: The water is clear and at normal level. Crappie are
fair on large minnows around deep structure. Bass are biting well
on grubs.

Lake Frierson: The water is muddy and low. Fishing is slow for
all species.


Millwood Lake: Clarity along the main channel in the lake and
Little River improved to 6-10 inches of visibility. Main lake and
Little River water surface temperatures range from 45-47 degrees,
depending on location and time of day. All Corps of Engineers boat
ramps and campgrounds are open. Millwood State Park has one
operational boat ramp and one still under repair. Bass fishing was
best during the warmest part of the day. White bass have not been
caught with any regularity during the last two weeks. Crappie
remain scattered. Channel cats and blues have been caught on
trotlines and yo-yos last week.

Lake Greeson: The water temperature is holding in the mid-40s.
Crappie and bass continue holding in a winter pattern around the
20-foot range. Walleye, stripers and white bass should be running
up the river.

DeGray Lake: Fishing has been pretty slow and not many anglers
are out. There have been a few reports of bass coming from deep
ledges, creek channels and points. Crappies are still in their
winter pattern which is deep brush (30 feet). The hybrids and white
bass are still in the Point Cedar area. However, there have only
been a few reports of any being caught. They feed very little in
the cold water.


Lake Dardanelle: Crappie fishing is still strong, but the fish
are on the small side near the marina. Anglers report catching 2
pounders in shallow waters and backwater areas on minnows. Bass
have been fair a recent fishing tournament out of Piney Bay had
first-, second- and third-place winners fishing Spadra Creek.
Catfish are still easy to find, with cut shad being the bait of

Ozark Pool: The water is fairly clear and at normal levels.
Catfishing is fair on worms. All other species are slow.

Lake Ouachita: Bass fishing had improved before the weather.
Largemouth bass are fair. Walleye are fair on spoons fished over
brush on main-lake points. Stripers are biting well on live shad
and trotline minnows. Bream are slow on worms in 18 to 25 feet of
water. Crappie are fair over brush in 15 to 30 feet of water.
Catfishing is slow, but a few have been caught on cut bait fished
on jug lines and trotlines. Bass fishing is very good in both
Blakely creeks.

Lake Hamilton: Bass are biting fair to good around brush.

Lake Catherine: Rainbow trout fishing is smoking hot below
Carpenter Dam. Trout over 18 inches have been caught and released
with the majority of fish measuring 12 to 14 inches. Chilly
temperatures have kept many from fishing; however, excellent
fishing opportunities can be had in Hot Springs. Water temperature
dips into the low 40s at Carpenter. Male walleye are present in the
tailrace and the larger females should arrive in the next several
weeks. The striper activity has been absent.

Lake Hinkle: The water is clear and the surface temperature is
close to 40 degrees. Bass are biting well on spinnerbaits and
crankbaits. All other species are slow.


Tri-County Lake: Fishing has picked up at Tri-County. Many
crappie fishermen are having luck on shiners and plain artificial
jigs in light colors. A few large catfish were being caught on
yo-yos but otherwise, not much of a change.

Ouachita River Oxbows: Bass were biting decently on 1/4-oz. jigs
and light-colored crankbaits fished around 6-8 feet deep. Some
people are catching crappie in running streams swimming small
light-colored jigs around cover.


Arkansas River at Pine Bluff: The water is cloudy and the water
temperature is dipping into the high 30s at times. Bream are fair
on worms and crickets fished from the bank. Crappie are biting well
on minnows and jigs fished over brush and stumps in deep water.
Bass are fair on jigs and soft-plastics around deep stumps and
other sorts of cover. Catfish are biting well on cut bait and

White River: The water is clear and low. Bream are slow. Crappie
are picking up on minnows. Walleye fishing is picking up and they
are biting well on any minnow-imitation or live bait.

Horseshoe Lake: The water has risen slightly and the water has a
good color to it. Bream are slow, but a few have been caught on wax
worms fished around piers. Crappie are slow on minnows slowly
trolled around the middle of the lake.

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