Central New York

Lake Ontario: The lake fishing is slowing down for the season,
but there are salmon and trout in many of the tributaries.

Oneida Lake: Anglers casting stick baits from shore just before
and after dark are starting to get a few walleye. This shore bite
should continue to improve. Walleye fishing also continues to be
good in deep water areas on stick baits like Jr. Thunderstiks and
Rapalas. Use lead-core line or downriggers to get your baits down
deep. Bass fishing continues to be good around shoals, rock piles
and weed edges. Yellow perch activity has picked up in the 11- to
18-foot depth range, along weed edges. Fathead minnows and small
crayfish are all working well.

Oswego River: There are some salmon being caught, along with a
few brown trout and steelhead on egg sacs, egg-imitating plastics,
and flies.

Salmon River: There are chinook and coho salmon in the river,
along with a few browns and steelhead. Small schools of fish keep
entering the river daily but no big runs yet to report. But as
always, things can change very quickly this time of year,
especially with the rain and cooler weather in the forecast.

Sandy Pond: Largemouth bass and northern pike are still biting
well. Minnows and worms are both working along with spinnerbaits,
rubber worms and crankbaits. Bluegills and perch are taking minnows
and worms.

Genesee River: Fishing with glow spoons off the Summerville Pier
is producing good catches of salmon. Salmon are up to the Genesee
River Falls and are hitting on egg sacs, egg-imitating plastics and

Sodus Bay: Largemouth bass fishing continues to be good. Fishing
around weedbeds with top-water baits is still working great.
Northern pike are hitting on the top-water baits, as well. Big
yellow perch are hitting minnows, and jigs and spikes fished in 10
to 20 feet of water in the lake. Some perch are being caught in the
bay along the weedbeds. Bluegills and sunfish are also hitting.

Irondequoit Bay: Yellow perch are biting very well in the bay in
20 feet of water. Good baits are minnows and small jigs tipped with

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