Ashland Area

Cohos, splake, browns, and even a few steelies and pinks have
been reported near the river mouths, and even up in the rivers. Try
trolling crankbaits off of planer boards, or small spoons off of
divers and shallow riggers. The Lindenberg family of Ashland
trolled up a big brown for Lake Superior – 35 inches and over 15
pounds. Shore anglers are using spoons, large spinners, or are
soaking spawn and crawlers off of the river mouths. Lake trout
fishing is now closed. In the bay, bass fishing is improving. Bass
still scattered in deeper water on structure. Look for a push of
bass, walleyes, and northern back up into shallower water with the
cooling temps.

Inland reports have been mixed. Turnover has occurred on some
lakes, is happening on others, and is yet to start on some of the
bigger lakes. Try to find a lake that either has turned, or has not
started yet for the best fishing. Muskie reports have been
improving on pre-turnover lakes.

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Outdoor Allure, (715) 373-0551.

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