Deadlines for youth hunt applications getting near

Springfield – Young hunters in Illinois are facing deadlines for
participating in the fall youth hunting seasons.

Waterfowlers ages 10-15 have until Oct. 10 to apply for one of
the state’s youth duck or goose hunts. Youth waterfowl hunt
applications are available online at

For young deer hunters, those not receiving a permit or not
applying in the first lottery can apply Sept. 15-19. Random daily
drawings will be held up to Sept. 19. A random daily drawing means
all applications from one day are randomly processed before
applications from the next day are randomly processed.

The Youth Deer Hunt, which will be Oct. 11-12 statewide, is open
only to Illinois residents who have not reached their 16th birthday
by the hunt dates.

All applications for the Youth Deer Permit program must be made
via the Internet accessible at www.dnr/

All counties are open to youth deer hunting except Cook, DuPage,
Lake and that portion of Kane County east of Route 47.

As part of the youth waterfowl hunt, hunters age 15 or younger
may hunt ducks, geese, coots and mergansers as long as they are
accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age. The accompanying
adult cannot hunt these species, but may participate in other open

Youth hunters must have a hunting license. The youth hunter or
his or her accompanying adult must have a valid FOID card. The
supervising adult does not need to have a hunting license if they
are not hunting other species. Youth hunters age 15 or younger are
not required to have a state or federal duck stamp.

All waterfowl hunters, including those participating in the
youth hunt, are required to register with the Harvest Information

At most public sites, regulations that apply during the regular
waterfowl hunting season apply during the youth hunts, and bag
limits are the same as during regular seasons. The youth hunt is
also open on all private land or waters where a hunter has
permission to hunt.

The 2008 youth waterfowl seasons are: north zone, Oct. 11-12;
central zone, Oct. 18-19; south zone, Nov. 15-Nov. 16.

DNR’s permit office can be reached at (217) 782-7305.

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