Southcentral Region

Raystown Lake (Huntingdon County) – A high pressure system over
the region slowed the striped bass bite in mid-July, although
action was expected to improve with a change in the weather.
Catches of 10- to 25-pound stripers were coming on live bait and
spoons in 12 to 20 feet. Water was 80 to 81 degrees July 16. For
more, visit

Spruce Creek (Huntingdon County) – Water was in good shape in
mid-July and caddis were active. Blue quills (18) were active in
the morning. Golden stoneflies (8-10) also were present. Only a
portion of this stream is public water. For more, visit

Clarks & Stony Creek (Cumberland County) – Caddis, midges,
craneflies and gypsy moths were present and fish were taking them
in mid-July. TCO Fly Shop said 7X tippet is a must. Attractor
patterns and terrestrials were working. The catch-and- release
section was fishing well this summer. Lots of midges, caddis,
sulphurs and craneflies were working, along with terrestrials such
as ants and beetles with a midge larva dropper. Recommended flies
were Tan Caddis (14-18), Midges (18-26), Sulphurs (14-18),
Craneflies (14-16), Green Weenies (12-14) and pink worms (12-14).
For more, visit

Letort Spring Run (Dauphin County) – Terrestrials were bringing
some trout to the surface in mid-July. Browns were being landed on
beetles, ants and flying beetles. Letort Hoppers and Crickets also
were recommended, along with Cressbugs, Scuds and Streamers, and
Sculpins and Shenk’s White Minnows fished slowly and methodically
under grass beds and undercut banks. Recommended patterns included
Midges (20 -26), Blue-Winged Olives (14-18), Sulphurs (14-18),
Beetles (14-18), Ants (14-18), Letort Cricket or Hopper (12-18),
Grey/White Midges (20-16), Cressbugs (14-18), Shenk’s Sculpin
(4-6), Shenk’s White Minnow (4-6). For more, visit

Deep Creek Lake (Maryland) – Anglers reported good fishing in
recent weeks, with nice catch rates on average-size walleyes, big
bluegills and perch.

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