Central New York

Oneida Lake: With not enough ice for ice fishing and too much
for boat or shore fishing, the lake is in transition at this time
and there is nothing to report.

Oswego River: The water level was risen to 18,000 cubic feet per
(cfs) earlier this month, making fishing very difficult. Before the
rising water level, steelhead were hitting egg sacs, jigs, Night
crawlers, wax worms and stick baits. Fish were being taken behind
the hotels, Kiddie Pool and along the walkway south of the
powerhouse. Steelhead fishing should improve as the water levels
lower. Bullhead are being caught off Wright’s Landing on leeches,
night crawlers and chicken liver.

As of April 1 the Bridge Street Bridge in Oswego was under
construction and boat traffic on the river may be restricted in
this area. Use caution and watch for buoys and signs.

Salmon River: The upper fly-fishing section opened on April 1.
The water level has been running around 750 cfs. With the nicer
weather angling pressure has started to increase on the river.
Fishing has been slow, but anglers covering lots of water looking
for non-pressured fish are having the most consistent action. Good
baits have been egg sacs, pink worms and night crawlers. Suggested
fly patterns are Glo-bugs, estaz eggs, black or olive woolly
buggers, black egg-sucking leeches and stoneflies. There was still
a fair amount of snow left in the area and fishing should pick up
with a few days of warmer weather.

Sodus Bay: The bay is pretty much ice free. The few anglers
getting out are catching some perch on minnows. Bullhead fishing
should start soon.

Bear Creek: Steelhead and brown trout are hitting small spoons
and spinners fished at the mouth of the creek.

Irondequoit Bay/Creek: A few trout were being taken on small
spinners and spoons. Some browns and an occasional steelhead were
hitting spoons off the pier in Webster Park.

Maxwell Creek: There were steelhead being caught in the creek.
Good baits have been egg sacs and small 1/64th-ounce jigs fished
under floats. Good colors have been black/orange and blue.

Waneta Lake/Lamoka lakes: The ice has finally gone off both
lakes and there are some perch being caught on small minnows.

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