Welcome to Outdoor News

Are you a hunter, angler, or conservationist living in the Land
of Lincoln? Congratulations. You’re holding the most consistent,
accurate source for outdoor news and information in this great
state. Welcome to Illinois Outdoor News.

You are reading our preview issue, an opportunity for you to get
to know us. Here’s a hint: We’re all about the outdoors.

Go ahead, flip through these pages. Be it muskie fishing in
southern Illinois’ Kincaid Lake, angling for yellow perch in Lake
Michigan, or hunting deer or quail, pheasants, squirrels, we’ve got
it covered. Count on it.

We’ve assembled a stable of top Illinois writers – avid hunters
and anglers who share your interests and passions. Twice each
month, we’ll bring you news, opinions, features, tips, and

For more on what we’re all about, see Editor Ralph Loos’ debut
column on Page 3 and a complete review of all the elements in
Illinois Outdoor News on Page 18.

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