Blue Lake started producing good-sized perch and crappies off
the north side of the landing. Small minnows are turning crappies
on Fremont Lake in less than six feet of water. Look to Blue and
Green Lake in eight to 16 feet of water for walleyes this weekend.
The spawn has been done long enough for these fish to be deeper
than they usually are opening weekend.

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The brown trout have been very active in the main branch of the
Whitewater River. Despite clear water conditions, fish over three
pounds have been common. Most of the bigger fish are being caught
on Rapalas.

Mauer Brothers Tavern (507) 932-9957


The power plant and dam areas of George Lake are producing
crappies and sunfish. Minnows have worked best for crappies and
waxworms are turning the majority of sunfish. Minnows are working
best for crappies on Amber Lake in six feet of water early and late
in the day. Based on the number of walleyes anglers are catching
while fishing crappies, it should be a good opener. Hall Lake is
one spot that is expected to produce walleyes this weekend.

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Roberds Lake is providing consistent bluegill action in four to
six feet of water. The bigger fish are being pulled from docks.
Crappies are biting at a steady pace in six to eight feet of water
on Hunt Lake and Cannon Lake. FluFlu’s or a plain hook and minnow
are turning the majority of fish.

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Pooles Bay on Lake Pokegama, Bowstring Lake, and Rice Lake are
the area’s best bets for crappies in five to seven feet of water.
Small leeches are fooling good-sized bluegills in the Cohasset area
of the Mississippi River. The outlook is good for opening day of
the walleye season. The shiner minnows are running, the ice went
out early, and water temperatures have risen over the past week.
These factors have provided good openers in past years.

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Ten Mile Lake is providing the area’s best crappie action in
shallow water. Don’t look past lakes such Pleasant, Birch, Woman,
and Webb, either. Small jigs tipped with minnows or waxworms have
been the ticket for bigger fish in three to eight feet of

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Minnows are turning crappies in three to six feet of water
during midday and evening hours on Belle Lake, Lake Minnie Belle,
and Lake Marion. There are sunfish mixed in with the crappies, but
most continue to be small.

The Outpost (320) 587-8177


The few panfish being caught are coming off the north end of the
lake in shallow water near the creek inlets. The best bet for
opening weekend walleyes will be on top of the bars and shallow
weed edges. Slip bobbers and shiner minnows are worth trying in
eight to 12 feet of water.

Fisherman’s Corner (320) 859-2181


Black Bay has started giving up crappies in three to five feet
of water. The Wolf Bay Channel has produced a few slabs this week
as well. Water temperatures in the bigger bays have been around 52
degrees, while the small bays are at 56 degrees. These temperatures
should be ideal for opening weekend walleye anglers.

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Baker’s Bay on Lake Washington continues to produce crappies in
10 to 12 feet of water. The sawmill area on Big Jefferson Lake and
the docks on Lake Crystal are holding plenty of crappies as well.
Bluegills have been difficult to find, but the walleye season is
expected to start on a good note. The key in this area is to fish
the shallow lakes.

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The northern bays and shorelines on most small lakes have
started kicking out crappies and an occasional sunfish. Davis Bay
on Big Sandy Lake has continued to produce the most numbers in four
feet of water. Small minnows on a pink and white jig has been a
favorite of anglers this week.

Willey’s Sport Shop (218) 426-3382


Crappies are biting just before dark on Lake Ida. These fish
have been tight to shore and continued to bite after sunset, late
into the evening each day. The north bay on Sugar Lake is a safe
bet for crappies in four to eight feet of water with small minnows.
The Briggs Lake channel continues to provide numbers of sunfish and
crappies, although the majority of them have been small.

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The best walleye bite on Big Stone Lake during the day is taking
place on the far south end of the lake. Trolling spinners and
crankbaits in 10 feet has been the best option during midday hours.
At night, slip bobbers and leeches or casting crankbaits has turned
more walleyes on Big Stone. The Meadowbrook area is a prime spot
after sunset in four to eight feet of water.

Bud’s Bait (320) 839-2480


The shallow bays on the Crow Wing Chain of Lakes and Big Mantrap
Lake are the area’s best crappie spots now. The shorelines of Long
Lake have produced a few more bluegills this week on small leeches
and waxworms.

Delaney’s (218) 732-4281


Despite more than two inches of rain last week, the crappie bite
continues to be very good along the shorelines. Most of these slabs
are hitting minnows in five feet of water. The wind has been the
only factor that has shut them down.

Rogers Campground (218) 647-8262


Horseshoe Lake, Becker Lake, and East Lake are still producing
sunfish and crappies in four to six feet of water. Pearl Lake also
is worth noting for crappies in eight to 10 feet of water. On Rice
Lake, the shallow bays are holding a limited number of crappies,
but the fish biting here have been some of the biggest in the

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Most of the crappies biting on Sauk Lake are found outside the
shallow bays in eight to 10 feet of water. If it continues to warm,
look for them to again move shallow. Fairy Lake and East Long Lake
also are producing crappies in about 10 feet of water, on the
outside of most bays.

Fletcher’s Bait (320) 352-2155


The Starbuck and Glenwood ends of Lake Minnewaska are kicking
out crappies in three to six feet of water. The Starbuck Marina and
Fish Hatchery Bay area on the Glenwood side are two spots worth
noting with small minnows. On Pocket Lake, you’ll find sunfish and
crappies in three to six feet of water during the afternoon hours.
Concentrate on the points and shallow breaks of Minnewaska for
opening weekend walleyes.

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The panfish bite has improved after a week of cold weather that
produced very few fish. The crappies and sunfish have again moved
shallow, becoming most active when the sun is out. Lakes such as
Norway, Games, Foot, Andrew, North Long, Willmar, and Calhoun are
worth checking in less than eight feet of water. Small jigs tipped
with live bait and floated under a bobber is working best.

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