Monday, January 30th, 2023
Monday, January 30th, 2023

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DNR: Buy your deer license now

Associate Editor

St. Paul To procrastinate is human, but when it comes to buying
a deer hunting license in Minnesota this year, doing so might be
inviting a headache.

State DNR officials are telling hunters to purchase their
firearms hunting licenses soon to avoid the always-mad rush that
accompanies the days leading up to the firearms season. This year’s
season gets under way Nov. 8.

Last-minute shopping for deer licenses always has been a part of
the hunter mentality. But it’s been exasperated this year,
according to Lou Cornicelli, DNR big game program coordinator. In
past years, he said, there have been two “peaks” of firearms deer
license purchasing just before the deadline to apply for an
antlerless tag, and just before the firearms season itself. Because
of the new system of allocating either-sex deer hunting permits,
most hunters didn’t have to apply in early September for antlerless
permits. That leaves one peak, and a lot of licenses yet to be

“Hunters who wait until the first week in November to purchase
licenses could experience extremely long lines, as well as
potential slowdowns caused by the high volume of transactions,”
Cornicelli said. “You don’t want to end up standing in line on a
Friday night.”

Licenses purchased after the season opens are not valid until
the second day after purchase.

As of earlier this week, Cornicelli said about 133,000 firearms
deer hunting licenses had been sold. That leaves about 70 percent
of an estimated 440,000 yet to be purchased, and means more than
300,000 licenses will likely be purchased in the next two

Last year there were about 365,000 antlerless permits to be had,
and everyone applied for them, resulting in heavy license purchase
early in the process.

Those who were successful in the “lottery” areas of the state
should know by now if they’ll have an either-sex permit when they
hit the field this year. The DNR was set to mail out the results
last week. Customer application information also is available
online at,

Cornicelli urges hunters to review the regulations, and the
changes found therein, and know what they’ll be purchasing when
they get to the license terminal. Also, hunters including youths
will need to have their Social Security number on their customer
record file or provide their it at the time they purchase a deer
license to meet federal requirements.

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