Wondering about walleyes

I wonder if the Shad Rap will go down in history as the most
effective crankbait ever for walleye? I wonder about grown men who
have to wear gloves when putting a leech on their hook.

I sometimes wonder about the management of our lakes and rivers.
For instance, I first fished on Upper Red Lake sometime back in the
1950s. I’ve watched the fishing there go downhill ever since. I’m
no fisheries biologist, but common sense told me and most others
that the combination of sport fishing and commercial gill netting
was ruining the lake. I wonder why we had to wait until the walleye
fishery collapsed before we could act?

I wonder if the world would not be a better place if every
family vacationed “up north” and every child caught his or her
first walleye while fishing with mom and dad or grandpa and

I wonder how they come up with that line test strength rating on
those relatively new super-lines, like Fireline? I mean you could
tow a pickup with 10-pound test. Ever try to break the stuff when
you get a snag?

I wonder how the new whiz kids of big time walleye fishing ever
found their hotspots before the introduction of GPS? And speaking
of GPS, underwater cameras and sonar which can count the bubbles
when a leech expels gas, I wonder if there was not a little more
sense of accomplishment to catching walleyes before the
introduction of these modern marvels?

I wonder how many light bites I missed before I spent some money
and bought really good and really sensitive rods? A bunch I’ll

I wonder if anyone still goes out on a black, rainy night armed
with a flashlight and a coffee can and catches their own

I wonder why walleyes always taste better at the lake?

I wonder how I ever got along with that tiny, beat-up metal
tackle box I was so proud of as a boy? I’m actually embarrassed
sometimes by the amount of tackle I tote around these days.

Speaking of tackle, I wonder how many times I have fished all
day, or several days in a row with nothing more than a hook and
sinker, or what most of us call a Lindy Rig?

I wonder if that is 10W30 or straight 30-weight motor oil The
Griz uses on his hair?

I wonder why walleye can be downright suicidal one day and next
to impossible to catch the very next?

I wonder what my next big surprise in the world of walleye
fishing will be? Last year on the Minnesota opener, The Old
Scutter, The Boughten Boys and I enjoyed the best walleye fishing
we have ever experienced on “the opener.” Funny thing is that the
walleyes we were catching were right in the midst of spawning. Some
of the big females we caught were ripe with eggs while others had
obviously just spawned. We released all of the big fish, but the
amazing thing to me was that ever since I can remember I have been
told that the big females do not bite during the spawn. Guess those
big females on Lake of the Woods did not get the message.

I wonder if the Lindner’s new TV fishing show can possibly stack
up to what I have always considered the best-of-the-best, when it
comes to TV fishing shows. Like many of you, I’ve taken what I have
learned by watching In-Fisherman and put it to good use on the
water many times.

I wonder what else tackle manufacturers can do to the simple jig
to make it more appealing to anglers? Can you think of any other
lure in the world of walleye fishing that has been tinkered with
more often or for so long?

Speaking of jigs, I wonder if it is pure coincidence that the
five largest walleyes I have ever caught were all caught on

I wonder how many walleyes Gary Roach has caught in his
lifetime? I wonder how many days in a row I would have to fish for
walleye before I would get tired of it?

I wonder how many walleye fillets “Fat Larry” and I could eat if
we were really hungry?

I wonder if “Meg The Mighty Fishing Dog” can smell the
difference between a perch and a walleye, like she can
differentiate between say pheasant and ruffed grouse?

I wonder why so many fishermen put their boats away for the
winter right after Labor Day and end up missing the best walleye
fishing of the whole year?

I wonder why the walleye on Leech Lake tend to turn up their
collective noses at a fathead minnow, but go bonkers over the more
expensive shiners? Has it got something to do with all of those
fancy condos and lake homes cluttering the shoreline of the lake?
Have the walleyes on Leech gone up-scale too?

Why doesn’t everyone who loves to catch walleyes save enough
cash to go on a fly-in fishing trip once? It is an experience no
angler should skip.

I wonder why Nancy Clancy can sit there and read a book and sip
her coffee, not paying the least amount of attention to fishing and
consistently catch not only more fish than I do, and bigger ones

I wonder what it is about that thunk of a walleye inhaling a jig
and minnow which I find so intoxicating?

Finally, I wonder if anyone has ever reaped as much sheer joy
out of watching someone else catch a fish as my mother?

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