Sen. Paul Wellstone talks guns and trapping with Outdoor News


ODN: You attended the chronic wasting disease conference last
week in Grand Rapids and spoke about federal funding for CWD
research and management efforts. Why hasn’t the the Agriculture
Appropriations bill, which contains some CWD money, passed yet?
Will it happen before the election?

Wellstone: Definitely. But I don’t think the $14 million will be
enough given what we’re looking at in Wisconsin and the testing we
want to do in Minnesota. That’s why I’ve been concerned about the
President’s veto of the Homeland Security bill two weeks ago, which
contained more CWD funding.

ODN: Why did you vote to ban steel-jawed leghold traps on
wildlife refuges and waterfowl production areas when you supported
Robert Torricelli’s legislation in 1999? Are you anti-trapping?

Wellstone: No. I felt that amendment was narrowly tailored and
it dealt with wildlife refuges and it dealt with commercial

ODN: But any trapper would want to sell his furs commercially,

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