Tuesday, January 31st, 2023
Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

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A snow storm is moving north this spring


Minnesota is usually on the edge of the spring migration path
but decent numbers of snow geese can be found in the southwest and
western fringe of the state.

The season doesn’t begin until March 1 but licenses will not be
available until after Feb. 16 and interested hunters should not
inquire until after that date.

“As soon as the information gets out, people want their licenses
so we’re asking that they wait to visit the ELS license vendor
until after Feb. 16,” said Scott Pengelly, DNR information

The season runs from March 1 to April 30 with shooting hours
lasting from a half hour before sunrise to a half hour after

Hunters don’t need a plug in their shotgun and they can use
electronic calls. All other waterfowl hunting rules apply.

There is a $3.50 license fee which will allow a hunter to
harvest an unlimited number of light geese. Licenses are available
at any ELS vendor or by calling (800) 285-2000.


In a few weeks the snow geese should be entering Iowa en masse,
offering hunters visiting our southern neighbor some great goose
hunting opportunities.

Iowa’s season is already under way having started Feb. 2 and
lasting until April 15. A nonresident small game license, which
costs $80.50, is required for the spring hunt. Along with the
license is an $8.50 habitat fee and an $8.50 migratory bird permit.
There is no federal permit required.

For more information on the Iowa hunt, call 515-281-4687 or
visit the website; www.state.ia.us/government/dnr.


Light goose hunters in Nebraska are most likely having some
great luck since their season began Feb. 2 and the state is already
boasting large numbers of geese.

The season runs until April 14 but is not open every day
depending on the zone you’re hunting. Zones 1 and 2 are only open
Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday while Zone 3 is open all

All hunters must use a shotgun of 10 gauge or smaller, may use a
gun that holds more than three shells, and can use electronic
calls. Decoys can be used but they may not be left overnight.

Nonresident licenses cost $67 plus a $13 habitat stamp and a $5
waterfowl stamp. A licensee also must be registered or recently
renewed with HIP by calling (800) 403-2473.

South Dakota

Positioned in the middle of the traditional migration route,
South Dakota offers some prime parcels for finding scores of

The season is already under way having begun on Feb. 1 and
running until May 15. There is a daily limit of 20 and an unlimited
possession limit.

Shooting hours are from a half hour before sunrise to a half
hour after sunset. A license is $45 for adults and $25 for youth
ages 12 to 15. Electronic calls are allowed as are guns that hold
more than three shells.

For an update on the migration status in South Dakotas contact
605-885-6401 or surf to www.state.sd.us.gfp

North Dakota

Also well within the traditional migration route, North Dakota
is well known for offering some of the best goose hunting in the

The season opens March 1 and runs until mid-May. A nonresident
license is $50 for statewide hunting access.

Hunters need to become HIP certified by calling (888) 634-4798
and licenses can be obtained over the phone at (800) 406-6409. More
information can be found at www.state.nd.us/gnf

There is no daily or possession limit and unplugged guns and
electronic calls are allowed.


As a bottleneck through which many of the southeastern geese
travel through, Illinois can offer some very hot or some very cold
goose hunting.

All seasons are currently open until March 31 all over the
state. The five-day license can be purchased for $28.50 and a
regular license for $50.75.

A $10.50 state waterfowl stamp and a $15 federal duck stamp also
are required. There are no daily or possession limits. Hunting
hours are from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after
sunset. For more information call (217) 782-6384 or visit the web
site: www.dnr.state.il.us/.

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