More midsummer walleye destinations

As we progress into the slower time of year for walleyes, there
are still some great August choices for the fanatic willing to
drive to the hot action. Last week’s choices included Lake
Vermilion, Mobridge, S.D., and the Mississippi River. Here are a
couple more top choices that have worked for me during August.

Lake of the Woods

Of all the choices in my battery of August gems, this has to be
Numero Uno! Nothing compares to Lake of the Woods in August for
numbers and size. Tom Briggs of Wigwam Resort says that the fishing
has shifted from the mid-lake mudflats back to the “gap” area, and
now it has resumed in the midlake mud areas again. This change of
location means fish can be caught in both places, but the strongest
area in August continues to be the 7- to 11-mile boat ride to the
midlake mud.

The midlake mud is the area most frequented by the downrigging
crowds that invade at this time of the season and fish until the
walleyes shift back to the “islands” or “gap” areas.

The mid-lake mud is very easy to locate. Watch for the small
boatfisherman because those huge, commercial downrigging boats
serve as gigantic marker buoys that resemble the American Naval
Fleet at the great World War II battle of Midway. This activity is
not easy to miss!

My 18-foot pike boat is the ideal Lake of the Woods craft and
can handle most anything. I recommend fishing the midlake mud using
a “buddy system” with another boat just for safety sake. If your
motor doesn’t start out there, expect to spend the next few nights
somewhere in Manitoba. By using common sense and watching the wind
velocity and direction, the walleye fishing is well worth the

I have had great success on the midlake mud by vertically
jigging 1/4-ounce jigging spoons (hovering over the mud edges) or
trolling three-way rigs with either crankbaits or spinners with
crawlers. Lake of the Woods walleyes are aggressive and somewhat
naive, which makes for great action. Even for the first time
angler, this is a wonderful place.

Devils Lake, N.D.

The volume of North Dakota license plates I see on far western
Minnesota lakes never ceases to amaze me, especially when these
people have Devil’s Lake at their disposal. If I had Devil’s Lake
near me, I wouldn’t fish anywhere else!

Devil’s Lake is an ever-evolving body of water that looks
different each time I fish it. The size changes as rain runoff
increases its depth and size almost yearly. It resembles a flooded
duck slough loaded with gamefish!

Devil’s Lake walleyes and northerns are aggressive and feisty in
August, and the jumbo perch are close behind. This is what I call a
“crankbait” lake nine out of 10 times, cranks are the way to go. If
you enjoy pitching crankbaits near flooded barns, old fencelines
and former roads, you’ll love this lake.

This walleye haven can get uncomfortable during the daytime with
air temperatures around 100 degrees, but no need to stay on the
water during midday because you’ll catch all you need during early
mornings or late evenings. Resorts and accommodations are extremely
limited (that’s why the fishing has held up for many years), so
call ahead for reservations.

August walleye fishing doesn’t have to be mediocre when there
are some dynamite choices within a few hours drive. Instead of
waiting for the walleyes to come to you, get aggressive and go to

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